Town that looks like Resident Evil. Świętochłowice – virtual poland

The Town that looks like Resident Evil. Świętochłowice

Świętochłowice is a city located in southern Poland. It is part of the Silesian Voivodeship and is situated in the Upper Silesian Industrial Region.

At night, Świętochłowice takes on an intriguing and somewhat eerie atmosphere, adding an element of mystery to its urban landscape. The dimly lit streets and quiet corners create an ambiance that may send shivers down your spine. While some may find the city’s nocturnal charm unsettling, it adds a unique and thrilling aspect to the overall experience of exploring Świętochłowice after dark.

MoozE – Theme of Escape
MoozE – Dead Cities pt2

video equipment and luts

źródło: youtube/ virtual poland

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