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What I Did in WARSAW IN 24 HOURS – Justin Eastern Europe

    Exploring The Magic Of WARSAW IN 24 HOURS

    Join me as we discover the amazing city of Warsaw.

    We set off from the city centre and made our way to the enchanting old town of Warsaw.

    On the way, we stroll along the famous Nowy Swiat, meet the locals and explore the beauty this city has to offer.

    Warsaw’s old town is a real miracle; we discover how the whole city was completely destroyed and rebuilt only a few decades before.

    We end our day indulging in local delicacies and top it off with an amazing Thai Massage.

    If you enjoy adventure videos from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, then grab your vodka, some zakusky and join me as we discover the magical city of Warsaw in 24 hours.

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    Best Thai Massage in Warsaw:

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