ULTIMATE Polish Silesian FOOD FEAST In Katowice!! (Chata z Zalipa) – André Traveler

My travels in Europe bring me to a local traditional Polish restaurant in Katowice called chata z zalipia. As I usually do on my travels I like to go to traditional old style wooden restaurants preferably in villages and indulge in local food. In this video I arrive at a restaurant in Poland which was in the city but as son as I walked in it reminded me of the old village style restaurants I would usually visit on my travels. This restaurant was catchy to my eye from the outside as I approached it the nice colourful decorations stood out as I walked in I was fascinated by the old folk wooden architecture. Inside the restaurant the hospitality of the service was really welcoming and I was recommended to order a traditional regional local Polish Silesian speciality. As for starters I was given a few slices of Bread with a handmade pork spread. On the menu was so much to chose from but I order a traditional Polish soup with smoked sausages inside with a boiled eggs and some potatoes, the soup had a smoked flavour with a taste of garlic. Then I had a local traditional Polish Silesian plate which was a rolled beef meat with a cabbage Silesian dumplings with a delicious homemade gravy. With this meal I ordered a Ococim beer. For my main course I order a traditional Polish platter it was so huge it arrived on a big wooden plate which came with a rolled up fried chicken in breadcrumbs, a fried potato pancakes with a cream mushroom gravy on the top, some boiled potatoes, and a selection of pierogi, fried cheese in breadcrumbs, pancake with spinach inside and pork ribs, Silesian beef roll, and red cabbage. Find out If I was able to finish the mukbang food feast.

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