Poland’s Winter Wonderland. This is Zakopane. Christmas in the Mountains. – Delightful Travellers

Delightful Travellers – Poland’s Winter Wonderland. This is Zakopane. Christmas in the Mountains.

This week we’re continuing our Christmas series in Poland! We’ve made our way up into the Tatra Mountains in the south of Poland to a town called Zakopane.

Zakopane is well known for being a great winter destination in Poland particular for outdoor activities and sports such as skiing, sledding and snowboarding.

We did a day trip and took the bus to and from Krakow to Zakopane.

As soon as we arrive we make our way to the main part of town to explore the main street in Zakopane which also happens to be a pedestrian only street. After doing a bit of exploring we take the funicular up the mountain to see the amazing mountain views and also take a look at all the Christmas lights. While up here we also try some hot beer!

Back in town we try some local cheese called oscypek, which is made from sheep’s milk and is served with cranberry on top.

Because it’s so cold out, we eventually make our way into a restaurant called Krupowa Izba where we tried a couple of dishes including boiled potato pancakes and a soup make of sheep’s cheese.

Zakopane is a resort town in southern Poland, at the base of the Tatras Mountains. It’s a popular departure point for winter sports and summertime mountain climbing and hiking. Kasprowy Wierch and Gubałówka, reachable by cable car and funicular, are nearby ski destinations offering sweeping mountain views. The town is also known for its turn-of-the-20th-century wooden chalets, symbols of Zakopane-style architecture.


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