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How to Prep & French a Prime Rib #shorts – Max the Meat Guy

    How to Prep & French a Prime Rib

    Prime rib can be intimidating but the reality is that a well marbled rib roast is forgiving. Having a meat thermometer is key and as long as you pull at the right temp (I recommend 120F-125F for medium rare) and rest for about half an hour, the end product will be great.

    Tying the roast is really important. It helps the prime rib cook evenly and prevents the cap muscle (spinalis) from splitting and ruining the crust. While there are fancy ways to do it, I just use a simple knot. Two initial twists helps it stay snug before the final twist. No need to go too tight, just enough to keep the roast in a cylindrical shape.

    While partially for aesthetics, this video shows how I like to prep a bone-in rib roast. Feel free to save the tail and trimmed fat to grind up for burgers, I find that prime rib already has so much fat that it’s unnecessary when serving in this context. Check out my previous video and website for a few recipes & sauces as well!

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