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4K Urban Life – 4K Wroclaw, Poland – Urban Life Documentary Film | Cities of the World

Every journey changes you in some way and sometimes you come back a completely different person. Get an awesome experience and take a virtual tour to Wroclaw, Poland while watching our new urban video in 4K UHD from http://www.beautifulwashington.com and http://www.proartinc.net

Download the video for your 4K TV from https://proartinc.net/shop/around-the-world-4k-movies/4k-poland-wroclaw/

It’s a beautiful city to visit, located in western Poland on the banks of the River Oder. You will enjoy lots of tourist attractions such as Tumski Bridge, Town Hall nestled on the stunning Market Square or Rynek, Ossolineum garden, The Royal Palace and more. Marvel at the majestic Baroque and pointy rooftops of Gothic buildings, numerous fountains, fascinating monuments, lots of squares and statues scattered throughout the city.

Take in the lovely city scapes and unwind! It’s so relaxing to take a walk along the streets and find unique and awesome attractions. Among the great number of sights of the city there are more than 300 small cute dwarves spread throughout the Market Square. Tourists have a lot of fun looking for them and take funny photos. Spend a beautiful time by the river or walk till dawn exploring this extremely beautiful part of Poland.

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YouTube compresses video files when we upload them and reduces the quality. If you want to enjoy the 4K video in original 4k, please, download it from https://proartinc.net/shop/around-the-world-4k-movies/4k-poland-wroclaw/

Music licensed and used from Artlist.io and Soundstripe.com

Plane over evening sky by EP1
Being together by Borrtex
Longest night –instrumental version by Mark Schirmacher
Strenght to last – Where to Run
Adrian Walter – Away from here
Mike Arnoult – Inspire
Fantoms – Happy summer
Aaron Sprinkle – Alexandria

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